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Tours to Caño Island

During your stay at La Parcela Restaurant and Cabins you will have access to various activities including a tour to Isla del Caño. This island is a natural paradise at just 3 square kilometers in size and its highest point is 110 meters above sea level.

If you love sunsets you will appreciate the tour to Isla del Caño. This place has a permanent ranger because this island is declared a nature reserve and a source of inspiration for researchers around the world as well as being a tourist attraction for its beautiful scenery.

According to scientists, Cano Island was formed over 50 million years ago in a great clash of tectonic plates. During the 17th and 18th centuries, the island was used as a refuge for pirates and today, this island is considered a natural wonder.

Caño Island is also an archaeological paradise that has vestiges of pre-Columbian culture, with some interesting artifacts like carved stone in the shape of a sphere, made by early civilizations that inhabited these lands.

On this island there are many activities to do so it is important to know some of the most interesting things to see on your walk in Caño Island, as you will remember it forever.

If after your adventure you want to relax in a cozy and comfortable place or enjoy a delicious meal, at La Parcela we offer the best dishes and cabins to make your stay enjoyable.

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