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Chirripó National Park


Chirripo National Park is located in the south of the country, and it is part of the Cordillera de Talamanca, which divides the country into north and south. This park is characterized by the highest hill of the Cerro Chirripo country which has a height of 3820 meters.

On this hill you can climb to the top as it has trails and there are guides for the journey, it is a wonderful experience because if you are lucky to have clear weather you can see both of the seas of Costa Rica and the landscape at the foot of the hill. A magical adventure. Also you visit different landmarks such as the famous Crestones and Cerro Ventisqueros, the second highest mountain in the country.

At this National Park the flora is mostly moor mountain flora, meaning that it is dominated by small shrubs, mosses, ferns and bromeliads, as well as oaks in certain areas, all characteristics of the cold climate that exists in the area.

Regarding wildlife, you may find rabbits, squirrels, coyotes and larger animals and more dangerous such as tapirs, jaguars and pumas.

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