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Corcovado National Park


The Corcovado National Park is located on the Osa Peninsula in southern part of Costa Rica. It was declared a national park on October 24, 1975 and its area comprises 45757 hectares of land and 5375 marine hectares.

Costa Rica is without doubt a small natural lung in Central America, we have a variety of parks, beaches and nature sanctuaries where the priority is caring for the life of the animals and plant species.

Organizations like National Geographic have stressed that Corcovado National Park is the “most intense in the world, biologically speaking,” due to the wealth of biodiversity that is found here.

Among the animal species that can be found within the park are the tapir, jaguar, puma, deer, boars, monkeys. Furthermore there are a variety of reptiles like crocodiles, snakes, and amphibians like frogs, and toads. Many exotic birds are also visible, such as macaws, parrots, herons, and the harpy eagle, the latter which is one of a kind and had been considered extinct in the area, but in recent times has been seen again.

The park is open to the public, but reservations must be made. Several places in the area are trained to assist and advise you on this.

This park protects not only the ground part but also the sea area where a large variety of marine life dwells.

We can definitely say that the trails, rivers and other attractions within the park are fantastic, worthy of a true lover of nature.

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