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Piñuelas Beach


Piñuelas Beach is located in the Province of Puntarenas, in the County of Osa, in the southern part of our country. It is a quiet beach, ideal for people that are looking to escape the daily routine and feel like they are in paradise, and relax with no interruptions. You can also enjoy the lush flora and fauna.

It is about 1,300 meters long, it is small with gray sand coloration, it is a bay with little surf, perfect for swimmers to have a  pleasurable visit. Besides the sun and sand, you can enjoy fishing, swimming and diving in these waters.

The latter is one of the most popular water activities here due to the impressive coral reef, the largest in the Pacific coast of Central America.

Visitors can also go horseback riding, hiking or camping, as this beach has locations designated to do so.

Among its attractions is Whale Island, which is in full view from the beach, it is also possible to see three rocks, which are called the “Three Sisters”. Depending on the time of travel or season, it may be possible to do some whale watching.

Piñuelas Beach is just a few steps away from the Marino Ballena National Park, which covers 110 acres and 5,375 acres of sea. This park is famous since it is one of the most popular place to see humpback whales, they are attracted to it due to the warm waters. These whales pass through the waters of the seas of Costa Rica during migration.

The dates when tourists can enjoy this show are in mid-July to October and again in December and March.

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