La Parcela Restaurante y Cabinas

Hospedaje y restaurantes en Dominical, Costa Ballena, Uvita de Osa




If you are planning to visit this area of Costa Rica soon, at Restaurant and Cabins La Parcela we want your experience, whether you are Costa Rican or foreign, to be at the highest level of service.

With us you can count on cabins equipped to meet your needs as a traveler and varied cuisine from our restaurant which will delight your taste and leave you full of energy to perform whatever activity you program nearby.

An activity that is worth considering kayaking. This activity consists on moving in the water with a device called a kayak and with it, you can start exploring stunning natural scenery. Service providers of kayaking in the area are experienced connoisseurs of the water and will accompany you throughout the tour.

An interesting fact about this practice is that there is no age limit and no tours for different skill levels. Some of the species you will see are fish, manta rays, dolphins and many types of birds.

Among the different packages offered by service providers of kayaking, there is kayaking in the ocean, which takes you around the beautiful shores and depends heavily on the waves at the moment of taking the tour.

You can also Kayak by exotic mangroves full of life and take a tour to see the dolphins and the sunset. These tours will ensure that you have an adventure that breaks the routine and ensures a dose of relaxation for your body.

If you want to go kayaking for the first time or if you are an expert in this activity, we invite you to send us an email and plan your days of adventure and tranquility.

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