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Canopy (Tarzan Swing)

Within the range of activities available near Restaurant and Cabins La Parcela, is the ecotourism activity of canopy. This activity is widely popular in Costa Rica thanks to its landscapes full of slopes that go from canyon to canyon and from mountain to mountain.

Participating in canopy is described as an unforgettable activity,  full of adrenaline, where some of the most interesting aspects of the activity are to go by beautiful nature trails that under no circumstances are altered by human activity.

Some animals you will see are: howler monkeys, iguanas, snakes, frogs and various types of birds. During the canopy experience you should take into account a number of safety standards so that this extreme experience can be as rewarding as possible and without any accidents.

It is worth noting that before deciding to take an optional tour, a series of recommendations must be taking into account since this nature reserve where extreme sports are practiced, is closely guarded by different groups and individuals.

Restaurant and Cabins In The Plot, as a strategic point in the area, we offer the opportunity to go and stay with all the amenities for the activity of canopy.

Beautiful sunsets on the horizon at sea are some experiences you can have within our facilities. Our excellent service and easy access to extreme activities, make our restaurant and cabins a key place for the tranquility of the adventurous.

Your food needs are covered by us with a variety of very nutritious dishes that will provide you with the energy required for the canopy adventure.

We invite you to contact us for more details and if you want to book a room we are here to serve you.

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