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At our restaurant and cabins La Parcela, you’ll find the perfect place get settled and plan an adventure with the different tours and outings that are offered in our area. A very popular activity is snorkeling, a name that comes from the tubular device with which you can swim in the ocean and take air whenever you need it.

For this activity, you will find different places that will rent snorkels or devices with which you can practice Snorkeling, or you can book a complete tour where guides will take you to different places and you can see the abundant marine life.

In this aquatic practice and thanks to the clear waters off the coast of our country, you will see complete marine biodiversity that consists of more than 7000 species and a representation of 3.5% of all global marine life.

Some examples of species that you can see when snorkeling are: puffer fish, barracudas, parrot fish, brown fish and seahorses, all in beautiful settings covered by brightly colored coral reefs.

Enjoy a quiet time at our facilities; buy a snorkeling kit, take a class and during the spectacular evenings at our cabins, get ready to practice this sport with family and friends.

Then, as the culmination of a perfect day, you can enjoy a complete gastronomic menu with the style and flavor of our restaurant.

Schedule your vacation and outings with us, make a reservation, and if you need more information contact us.

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